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LIVE AND LET LIVE Noise Noise is aggression, disturbance, sickness, tension, conflict, and it’s a state of mind; alternatively, it’s a disrupted state of mind. Nowadays, noise is often interpreted as being limited to the tangible physical sounds. When someone sings out of key, when “music” is unbearable to listen, and when your communication is accompanied by unwanted sounds would be the first things to think of. But noise is much broader. It describes physical noise, subjective noise, and communicative noise. To illustrate, sound disturbs harmonic silence (physical), noise is what bothers people (subjective), and noise is not being able to socially conform (communicative). Our focus - let live In the ethical framework of “campaigns against noise”, we try to combine the constructs of noise mentioned above. Physical noise as a reason for subjective noise and resulting in communicative social noise, posed as a societal problem. Our moral message through our work is to make people reflect on their role/place in this society. Think reflection, prevention, and education. The goal is to make people think about giving up something, stop fighting everything, and therefore letting someone live their life. This, again, requires someone to give something up. We believe it is essential to know what you can and can not say or do. You get the point. Educate your social self. Living in the modern Dutch society The netherlands are somewhat bureaucratic, probably for the best. Individual rights are protected and enforced by law. If this doesn’t make sense to you, maybe “you can not do or say everything you want to” does. Simply, inhabitants of this country are challenged in their decision making when it comes to dealing with noise; namely, they have to conform to rules. Which again could lead to new noise of course, but fighting that is rebellion against the state. We sincerely suggest everyone who wants to do this to start a political party. A noise has to be created and presented to the user of our interactive multimedia application to implement a knowledge of how to fit in (while being a misfit). “Living is relaxation, escapism, managing, communicating, and most of all it is knowing. Let others live by that definition, and think twice before you act.” - Us